Edgee is an edge platform designed to transform how workloads and data are processed across the internet.

Edgee empowers developers to build and deploy edge-oriented applications. This approach to application development harnesses the potential of edge computing, enabling workloads to run closer to users than ever before.

Edgee is cross-platform, whether your application is hosted on AWS, Vercel, Netlify, or any other cloud provider, whether your application is written in Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Python, or any other language, Edgee can be used to enhance it.

By minimizing the distance data has to travel, Edgee significantly reduces latency, boosts performance, and ensures greater privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.

You can choose to deploy Edgee on your own infrastructure or use our managed service - it’s up to you!

Bye bye greedy SDKs - Hello Components!

Have you ever hesitated to install a client-side SDK due to concerns about stability, performance impact, or data privacy? Edgee is here to change the game!

  • Our Mission: We are pioneering a new ecosystem where traditional client-side libraries transform into secure, controlled components that operate at the network layer. Utilizing the WebAssembly Component Model, we redefine how technologies like Google Analytics, Amplitude, and AB Tasty are integrated into your applications.

  • Transforming SDKs into Components: With Edgee, every SDK becomes a ‘Component’ that executes at the edge, rather than on your user’s device. This shift not only enhances performance but also ensures compliance and privacy by design.

  • Commitment to Excellence: At Edgee, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of performance, privacy, and compliance. We guarantee that each interaction is processed legally, securely, and instantaneously.

  • Benefits of Moving to the Edge: By relocating intensive and sensitive tasks from browsers and mobile apps to the network layer, Edgee leverages distributed processing power. This transition results in faster execution, reduced network congestion, and enhanced application performance.

Edgee is more than just a platform; it represents a paradigm shift in web technology and data processing. Welcome to the edge of innovation.

Defining Edge-Oriented Applications

Edge-oriented applications are specifically designed to take advantage of the computational power and data processing capabilities at the edge of the network.

Unlike traditional cloud-based applications, which rely on central data centers, edge-oriented applications run some of their workloads at the network’s periphery, enabling real-time data processing and decision-making closer to the data source.

Edge oriented application concept

Illustration of edge-oriented application concept. Click on the image to zoom in.

What You Can Achieve with Edgee:

And you can do all of this without compromising on performance, security, or compliance. Simply install Edgee as a proxy in your existing infrastructure, or opt for our managed service. Then all you have to do is integrate a client-side library into your application.